Dodging Her Chariot

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  • Alma Quick says:

    Marie, Having heard a bit more of your book, I’m really eager to read it in its entirety. I’m also impressed (very) by your website. You’ve done a marvelous job. I’m glad Mike brought you into our critique group.

  • Vickie Mc Dannell says:

    Marie, I just finished your book for the second time.Fantastic reading! I expected you would do a great job with your story. I was right. I’m so proud of you. Can’t wait for the next and miss you – Vickie

  • Hi Marie,
    Impressive website. I wish the best of luck in bringing your books to the public!!
    God bless
    Donald James Parker
    Author of Love Waits

  • Howard says:

    Marie: This is the first book in a long time I have started , and had a hard time putting it down to do other things. You want to keep reading, long into the night. I can’t wait for book two. Howard

  • Mary says:

    Marie, I really could not put down your book and I want to share it with everyone. I wonder about the parts you did not print. To know people can overcome the lives you and your siblings have lived is to give hope to others that they too can have some control somehow in their lives. And to someone who grew up in the ‘typical American’home, it rallies the senses to set quiet examples of love and appreciation. The book is inspiring. I gave the book to my 14 year old daughter to read. She was amazed at the lives and situations other familes endure and made her re-evaluate her own circumstances at a depth that I could not go with her on my own. I wish you could write and publish faster as I am eager to read the next three books. I think anyone, any sex, any age would benefit from reading this book and I venture the next three books as well.

  • Pam Hudson Cooper says:

    Marie~After reading your book, I feel as though I know you, your sisters and brothers. I could not put your book down and was upset with myself when I left it at work and had to wait until the next day to finish it. I found it fascinating that you wrote about the horrors of your childhood so matter-of-factly. It shows how much this was your life and that you just accepted it. To have come through all that you have and be the full, complete person that you are is truly thanks to the Grace of God. May God continue to bless you and to give you the voice to continue your series. I want (need) to find out what happened to you, what happened to your siblings and how your mother finally came to forgive herself. Keep writing! Pam Hudson Cooper

  • Rita Winfrey says:

    Marie, I was excited to get your book and once i started reading, i couldnt put it down! It was hard to get my work done because i could not wait to see what the next chapter held. I am amazed at your talent and congratulate you.
    Your story was incredible, because you somehow have gotten past the pain enough to reveal your most saddest times in life, yet somehow you found yourself through it all. I should say God found you through it all….and Marie what a wonderful person you are and have become through Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.
    You have blessed me with this book. I now know that there is nothing too horrible that God cannot heal or that God cannot break through.
    My daughter Rachel has read your book also and she was amazed….she too couldnt put it down!! What a writer you have become. Im looking forward to reading your other books.

    Rita Winfrey

  • Cathy Cher says:

    Marie I absolutely loved your book I cannot wait for the second one to come out. Your website is awesome


  • Vicky L Smith says:

    After reading your book, it helps me to understand some of the things I always wondered about after I had met your mom. I was also raise by a cruel parent…who I have tried to forgive,but too many things are always in the back of my mind,so I kinda know how you felt. Looking forward to your next book. Just in case you are wondering,
    this is Sonney’s first ex wife.

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