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It’s finally real!

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It’s finally happened. Like “Pinochio” and the “Velvetine Rabit”, Dodging Her Chariot has left the realm of something inanimate and has transformed into an encouraging influence to those who’ve read it. Receiving the first sample kept me with book-in-hand for nearly two days. I thank the many who share in my excitement, and orders for the book are coming in. How blessed I am to be able join in with others who put pen to paper and earned the title “author”.  

Part of the beginning success of Dodging Her Chariot will depend on word-of-mouth. Please tell your near and far away friends and family about it. I thank all of you ahead of time for ordering this first of the four part series. Look for Catching Her Chariot (already started) before next summer.

To everything there is a season…

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The past 6 years has been a dark season for me. At times while inching my way through the valley of the shadow of death the only prayer I could remember was, “Abba, keep me close to You”. In a moment, the death of my health, marriage, finances, home, and even transportation caused me to wonder if my mind could take it all. Yet I found that it wasn’t usually too hard to praise my God anyway.

But then – on Easter of 2006, the accidental death of my youngest daughter, Rashida, challenged me, I thought possibly beyond any desire to thank and worship my Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The threat of that lie caused me to shout and praise with Him all the more. I tried to bury myself in prose but the struggle to write frustrated me – until I remembered that it had to be inspired to express itself on paper. I gave my words to Him again for a while and used the time to worship and love Him. Slowly, I was at least able to make personal journal entries.

This spring Rashida’s father joined her, and a month later my mother determined to join them both, but not before she had given me a lifetime of writing material; more stories that exemplified her nature only two days before her departure. 

Finally, waking up one morning with words demanding expression already floating in my mind, I knew it had surely begun. The “it” we all wait for when we’re in measured sorrow. The  knowing that we’ve made it through another fire without even the smell of smoke on us. The “it” that lives deep within our knowing that assures us we have favor with God and man.

And that not only have we entered into our personal season of blessing, but all that we endeavor to do and all who enter into covenant with us to accomplish God’s current task, aware or not of our God in the beginning, succeeds beyond what we can ask for or even think of.

My captian is as much at the wheel now as He was during the storms. He guides this ship of peace I find myself on, as long as I remember that I can still only inch my way through these exciting undiscovered waters. As long as my greatest prayer (now only one of many) remains, “Abba keep me close to You”.

Look for next title

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Dodging Her Chariot Volume I will be available for purchase on or before July 15, 2009. This is the the second and final debue change. It’s really happening friends. The first book published and a new love in my life! God is faithful.

A day in self publishing

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Web site changes, blogs, business licenses, business bank account, ISBN #s, LCCC #s, Bar codes, Copyrights, Jacket changes, typesetting, printing companies; not to mention the daily time it takes to learn my newly required language of “internet” and how to get off the curb with it; enough to make your head spin if not taken carefully one step at a time. I don’t see how it could all be done without helping hands and minds joining in all the “fun”. Just know that the author writing the book is a small part of the end result. I am blessed to have willing (dare I say eager?) people around me lifting up my sometimes weary mind. Only God can put something like this project together, at least where my work is concerned. After two weeks of  errands related to the books I can finally put in a few hours actual writing today – I think.

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