Crutches, phone books and Youtube

Hey everybody, I’m on Youtube!

I feel like Steve Martin’s character in the movie The Jerk. Remember the scene when the long awaited phone book arrived? He opened it, found his name and ran outside shouting something like, “The new phone book’s here. The new phone book’s here. I’m somebody now.”

I’ve been asking God to surprise me with something unexpected. Something I had nothing to do with; Something to take my mind off of the crutches and stylish black Velcro boot that have become part of my everyday wardrobe for the past seven weeks.
Falling from a ladder wasn’t part of my imagined summer fun activities. Out of necessity I reacquainted myself with wearing only dresses for the first 6 weeks, and when I say “only” I really mean only. It was either that or risk falling in the restroom while trying to balance and hold on to the crutches while trying to pull …you get the picture. TMI you might say but wait – I only mention this to keep any other unsuspecting woman who (God forbid) might find herself in the same position as I am. Here’s the tip – Don’t go out on a windy day!

I had to hold on to the crutches when a gust of wind blew the back of my dress up past my waist. I dared not look back to see who might be behind me. I didn’t want to get known for the same thing that made a mark in Marilyn Monroe’s career. When I grow up I’d rather be known for my superb writing talent. “Um, Granny?” I heard from behind me. Fortunately my granddaughters were with me to hold my dress down until we got into the restaurant.

I’ve had several such learning experiences since my fight with that now disposed ladder. Enough lessons that I was sure my request for a delightful surprise wasn’t asking too much.

So there I sat last Saturday at an author extravaganza, 56 authors in all, crutches behind me and boot under the table out of sight when a woman – Suzanne Lieurance – began an interview with an established author sitting next to me to place on Youtube. “Someday,” I thought. Imagine my surprise when she suddenly turned to me at the end of his interview. She looked at my book for a few seconds and interviewed me on the spot.
All I can say right now is thank you Lord, “The new phone book’s here!”

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