Marie Wakefield lives in Independence, Missouri where she can enjoy her remarkable grandchildren, her local church family, and a variety of arts and hobbies. The other children she grew up with, Junior (now Burt Ripley) Virginia Lee (now Lee Copeland) and Paul Ripley, live less than ten minutes from her home. They remain close and see each other often. They’re all family oriented and have passed thier 25th wedding anniversaries. Nora lives in Texas near her children and grandchildren. She and Marie talk two to three times a week.

Marie has three loving daughters, Cora, Angela, and Rashida. Two girls live nearby and Rashida Maroon Barber passed on to her new beginning after a car accident with a dear on Easter of 2006. There is a link to pictures of her and the family on this site titled, “Rashida” where you’ll see, “Our Sleeping Beauty.”

Between 1998 and 1999, Nora located the four missing older siblings in other states and, except for “little Butchie” (now Al) we stay in touch and get the enjoyment of visiting each other occasionally.

Marie’s next book, titled, “Can Can – Kansas City’s Last Era of Bets, Babes, and Bombs” is well on its way and should be out later this summer of 2012. It covers aprox. the next five years of her life as she became intimately familiar with the Kansas City Mafia during the height of the city’s 1970s territorial mob wars.